Flower: Black and Gold Pansy                                       Colors: Black and Gold                                        Symbol: Kite and Twin Stars





In 1837, Indiana Asbury College (now DePauw University) was established by the Methodist Church in Greencastle, Indiana. In 1867, Asbury was one of the few colleges that officially opened its doors to women. 

Bettie Locke, the daughter of a professor, was among the first women to enroll at Indiana Asbury in 1867. In her sophomore year, Bettie was asked to wear the badge of her male classmates' Greek-lettered fraternity. Refusing to become a 'mascot' of sorts she responded to them by saying, "If you won't initiate me into your fraternity, I'll start my own." Being the leading women that they were Bettie Locke Hamilton along with Alice Allen Brant, Bettie Tipton Lindsey, and Hannah Fitch Shaw formally established Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek letter fraternity known among women, on January 27, 1870. In 2015, Kappa Alpha Theta celebrated its 145th anniversary.


The intellectual ambition of the Fraternity shall be the attainment of highest scholarship. The social aim of the Fraternity shall be to exercise the widest influence for good. The moral aim of the Fraternity shall be the standard of love.

For more information about Kappa Alpha Theta history, visit our national website at: www.kappaalphatheta.org


On March 9, 1996, Kappa Alpha Theta was introduced to the University of Texas at Dallas.  Since our founding, the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta has established a strong presence on the UTD campus.

As a chapter, Theta has held honors such as highest GPA among all Panhellenic groups at UTD the last 17 out of 21 semesters, Comet Cup winners, and Greek Week champions. A diverse group of ambitious women, the ladies of Zeta Upsilon hold titles such as McDermott Scholar, Student Ambassador, Homecoming Queen, research assistant, and so much more.

Nationally, Zeta Upsilon has also made quite a name for itself among other Theta chapters. Zeta Upsilon has been recognized and awarded by Kappa Alpha Theta and as we continue to grow, our chapter's national presence grows stronger.